Saturday, March 3, 2012

Early March flowers

This is just a yay!flowers update.  I should probably link to the series of these on GBBD.

My camellia is in bloom!  Finally, after having buds looking ready to pop all winter.  Somewhere I have a record of which camellia this is.  Maybe.  I just call it the Ten Dollar Lowe's Camellia.

I have ordered a tea plant (which is also a camellia).  I don't know yet where it's going to live, since this spot is really the only good one for camellias, at least that I've come up with of so far.  But I'll think about that tomorrow.  Tomorrow is another day, and I have always depended on the... oh, sorry, blooming camellias make me go all Old South.  Next...

Here's a better look at iris 'George.'  Handsome, isn't he?

This is possibly Iris histroides 'Katharine Hodgkin' but looks a bit too warmly blue and pointy.  If it's not, I can't remember what it is instead and I don't feel like rustling through papers to find out what I ordered.  I have other KH's and they haven't bloomed yet.  Ah well, a mystery for the moment.

The early daffodils are in full bloom now.  These are old ones that were here when we moved in 24 years ago.  I don't recall this clump being by this stump, but we've done some digging and shifting back there, and maybe the bulbs got moved.  Hopefully I will have some new daffodils coming out on the back slope - the foliage is up for quite a few of them.

A hellebore, rather late compared with everyone else's.

Sorry this is blurry.  It's Hermodactylus tuberosus, the snake's head iris (note: not really an iris then).  Very cool flower.  Apparently I have only one of them left, and it doesn't bloom every year.

And those are today's flowers!  Tulip leaves are coming up, absurdly early like everything else.  Buds are swelling all over, and many of the allergy trees are in flower already, alas.  Welcome to March.

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  1. Lovely. And we have snow on the ground in NH. For a change. But warmer weather predicted later in the week. The sun came out for a bit and it got up to 49 today. Very warm winter. No flowers yet, however, although friends who have daffs planted on the sunny side near the foundation of their houses report they are coming up.