Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter

Have some daffodils in a slumped pot (this is pretty much how I feel right now).

(Vase by The Lion Potter.  I think it's brilliant.)

I should do some gardening today, huh?  Would help if it wasn't cold and gray and probably going to rain...

Sunday, March 10, 2013

More record-keeping, and amaryllis

Did more seed-starting yesterday: more Chinese broccoli varieties, papaloquelite, borage, roselle, tomatillo, eggplant, and wonderberry.  Tomatoes go in later this week.  Also did more transplanting of greens into pots.  All the older transplants are now going outside days (and nights starting tomorrow) under a tunnel of sheet plastic.  It'll get down to freezing again later this week, but I think temperatures will stay high enough under there to leave the plants out.  I have no room left under the lights, in any case.

Today did some path-making and bed prep at the community garden plot (only a bit, oh I am out of shape, but enough to get started planting soon).  Put some compost in the salad table on the deck, and (what the heck) put in seeds for various things that I will mention if they actually come up and survive.  This looks to be a very spring-like week, but winter may return soon (I can cover the table if necessary).

And, in case I forget to post for GBBD on Friday, here is an amaryllis that bloomed this week.  (I think I may start collecting amaryllis (which I believe is the plural of amaryllis).  They're so easy to keep going from year to year, and really there is no reason they need to be timed to bloom at Christmas, I say having forgotten to put them into dormancy early enough, but after all we were away at Christmas, and February-March is a fine time to bloom too.)  Here's the opening sequence:

There.  That was entertaining, wasn't it?  There are all sorts of crocuses outside, too, so I hope I do remember to post.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Just housekeeping

Seed-starting update, boring, pass on...

Today transplanted dozens of little brassica-type plants from the egg cartons into peat pots, which will hopefully hold them until it's time to plant.

Also put in seeds for: mizuna, radicchio, ground cherries, ornamental millet, and dahlias.

Also sorted out my ridiculously-large seed collection into categories: Probably Will Use This Year, Old Flower and Herb Seeds to Combine and Throw Onto a Bed and Maybe Something Will Come Up, Keep in the Freezer In Case I Want It Again, Give to the Seed Swaps (there are two coming up), and (can't believe I managed this) Discard.

It was a seedy kind of day.