Wednesday, October 14, 2015

A few October blooms

Here's my Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day post a day ahead. Yes, I still have a few flowers in bloom despite the drought (now ended) and the upcoming frost. Here are some of them.

I love toad lilies and need to get more of them! This is Tricyrtis hirta 'Miyazaki.' Such a cool thing to come across in an otherwise spent bed.

Sweet autumn clematis strangling the life out of beautyberries is a lovely sight. I really need to pull those vines off.

The conventional chrysanthemum/tall sedum (or whatever they call it now) combination. These need to be moved when they're finished flowering, because they block our view as we're pulling out of the driveway.

I think the 'Limelight' hydrangeas that are too big for their site know that I'm going to cut them down and replace them, because along with the gargantuan now-pinkish-brown flowerheads that started earlier in the season, they've put out a bunch of smaller, cute white ones to entice me into sparing them. Sorry, guys. (Plants do hear us talking about them, okay? Or else why did the annoyingly invasive and sticky Japanese pagoda tree - discussed in an earlier post - fail to bloom at all this year, meaning no seeds spread across the known universe along with no gunk on the cars? We still need to cut it down, but at least we can wait till spring.)

In other news, I'm working on the very early stages of the food forest project, in other words removing that darned fence. Slowly, with a lot of digging out of groundhog wire, ripping up morning glories and chopping down small trees, and using reverse engineering. It'll get there.