Friday, March 23, 2012

Photo post, including more blooms

Hyacinths, usefully hidden under a shrub
Daffodil, I think 'Bridal Crown'
Mini rhododendron.  I have a record somewhere of which one this is, I swear.  It will reach 2 feet in height but it's not there yet.

For the record, the first non-Kaufmanniana tulips of the year.  Deer have not eaten these because they are under a shrub.

Like everything else, redbuds are early.
Viburnum 'Mohawk' just barely still in bud.  Early!
I took this a few days ago: bleeding heart nearly in bloom despite being only a couple of inches out of the ground.  They are now all a foot tall and growing fast.

This exciting picture is of what I'm using for a deck greenhouse since I sent the other one back.  It's a three-tier shelf with row cover draped over it and pinned down with clothespins, and underneath there are lots of vegetables plants (brassicas, mostly) that will go into the demo garden soon.  Considering the temperatures (hasn't gone below 50 at night this week), the row cover is not to protect against cold but against squirrels.  I have lost brassica seedlings to squirrels too many times.

Baby viburnum 'Winterthur' plants that have survived the winter in a planter, hurray.  When I have a space for them cleared in the Way Back they will get planted there (with fences).  This may happen in the spring.

Indoor shot: this is what my insane Vigna caracalla plant is doing in its search for sunlight.  (The pot is on the floor.)  Obviously I'm going to have to cut off most of that growth before I bring it out after last frost date.  I hope it will send up more vines, and I hope it blooms this year, dammit.

I put the yacon roots in a pot of peat moss and stored them in the chilly library; they started sprouting in January, so I moved them down into the dark chillier cellar, where they lasted until March before sprouting again.  It's just not cold enough anywhere.  So they are getting a head start on growth on the deck before going into the ground.  If it's going to be below 40 at night I will bring the pot in.

Not much happening in the vegetable garden yet, but I guess I could pick some of this wintered-over kale.  This was the winter to have a garden full of cold-hardy plants.  Oh well.  (There is some chard also.)

More soon!!


  1. I guess squirrels like microgreens, too!

  2. Forsythia and daffodils blooming. Last year my daffodils, per pictures in Facebook, were blooming on Easter, which was very late last year, April 24th. I believe today is March 24th, so they are one month early. I hear some NH apple trees are blossoming, which in NOT going to be a good thing, because there is a forecast for below freezing, i.e. normal, temperatures next week. People are talking about starting lettuce, all I can say is that May 15th is what is quoted as our frost free date. Only if you have good cold protection should you be starting anything here in NH outside. But then, who knows?
    This is Maple Syrup weekend. Of course, the 80 degree temps this last week put the kibosh on the sap running, I heard one sugar shack was planning on boiling water since they had run out of the little sap they had been able to collect.