Sunday, February 26, 2012

In which I probably will not move to Canada

Yeah, I really should not let myself make declarations of that sort.  Because here are the miniature iris, popping out while it is still February.  And I know perfectly well they bloom with the daffodils (and sometimes earlier).

These may be my favorite flower ever, which has something to do with that earliness and hence the relative scarcity of flowers generally, never mind ones this delicately elaborate.  I think these are 'Harmony' - which is a hybrid of Iris reticulata and Iris histroides - though don't quote me on that, since of all the bulbs I don't keep records of, little ones like this are the least likely to have their location noted.

These, I'm somewhat more sure, are 'George' (also a hybrid of the same two species) - for some reason harder to take a photo of, but really equally gorgeous.

In other news, planted more seeds today, so for the record:

Two hybrid Asian greens from Johnny's, Summer Jean and Green Lance.  I think both are a type of gai lan or Chinese broccoli.  I grew the Summer Jean last year and it was delicious, but that was in early fall, and I'm not sure how it will do in spring; it may bolt or get bitter.

French baby leeks, a whole 40-cell flat of them, which I may have no space to grow to transplant size, but we'll see.

Radicchio 'Rossa di Chioggia.'  To be pretty and delicious, probably in the square foot gardening bed I've decided to add to the demo garden.

Two kinds of peas, Dwarf Gray Sugar and Taichung.  They may actually produce before it gets too hot if I start them now.


  1. Love the iris! Of course I have this fondness for that blue. I remember the blue flags in my mother's garden, I think they bloomed for May Day, when we used to make little baskets out of paper cups with pipe cleaner handles and doilies around the top for decoration, put in whatever flowers we could find, and water, and then hang them on the doorhandles of the old ladies from church. If they didn't bloom then, we had grape hyacinths, dandelions, sometimes apple blossoms, violets, etc. It was one of the joys of my childhood.

    1. Maybe we need April Day now (which is also April Fools'). I have that same fondness for blue flowers. Borage and cornflowers are how I get them for most of the summer.