Thursday, March 15, 2012

I must go down to the seed again

The magnolia bloomed!  The day after I put together the GBBD post, of course.

But this is really a catch-up on seed starting post.  I think I have actually recorded everything I started (amazingly enough) except for the purple mizuna, which happened a week or two ago and is growing, not very purply as yet.

The ides of March is tomato-starting day around here, so I have started some: Speckled Roman, Jubilee, Purple Jasper, Orange Icicle, Mortgage Lifter, and an anonymous cherry I was given seeds for.  I also started some yellow bell peppers called Sunbright, to make up for the ones that didn't germinate, along with more Fish which also didn't germinate (I have small hopes; the seed may be too old), and a few Antioch that I got from a fellow MG who got them from another MG who really loves them.  And I transplanted the first set of eggplants (there has been another set since then; I may not have recorded those either) into pots.

Very few real failures this year, aside from the low rate on the peppers, and some of the early brassicas apparently not taking well to transplanting.  But I have so many brassicas (the Year of Leafy Greens, you know) that it doesn't matter.  I've tried direct-seeding some in my own garden, without much result as yet.  The salad table plants are emerging, though.

Many more seeds to start, as soon as I clear the shelves a bit - I guess it will be something with row cover down in the garden, rather than anything on the deck.  Oh well.

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  1. Crocuses finally opened. Raked out veggie garden of lots of oak leaves. Going for a walk up in the hills in Strafford, with camera. 68F.