Saturday, September 15, 2012

Bloom Day September

Oh, dear, I haven't updated in a month, which means it's Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day again.  I have nothing really extraordinary to share, but I did have fun trying out the camera on my new iPhone, so here are the results.

Sweet little nasturtium.  Actually, I should say bitter little nasturtium, but it belies its taste.

The developing flowers of the hardy begonia.

Beautyberry with sweet autumn clematis crawling over it.  This is right at the front of the yard.

So is this incredibly bright aster.

Goldenrod being all dramatic just behind the beautyberries.  I didn't have to plant this or anything, in fact I have to pull out huge amounts every year, but it's nice to keep some.

An adorable little caryopteris I planted last fall.

The developing flowers of Limelight hydrangea.  Last month, green, this month with a lot of pink added.

And finally, not a flower, but I love milkweed fluff (this is from one of my orange butterfly weed plants).  I remember discussing with a teenage boyfriend the idea of collecting the fluff and using it for insulation in jackets and vests.  Just makes me feel warmer looking at it.  And there will be more plants next year from those seeds.

Okay, not bad from the new phone.  I need to remember that I can turn it the other way. *g*