Sunday, June 14, 2015

The many colors of June

The June landscape is less riotous than that of April and May, but I've still got a near-rainbow of flowers to report for Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day.

I don't see any red out there, but there's orange:

Coreopsis 'Creme Caramel'
And also the orange ditch lilies peeking out behind the blueberries:

Speaking of which, let's jump ahead to blue, and away from flowers for the moment:

Mm, blueberry season.

Other daylilies besides Hemerocallis fulva are beginning to bloom, though it'll be another week before they're plentiful. (I note, looking back at previous Bloom Days, that the same was true last year, but in 2012 there were lots of daylilies in mid-June. (No post in June 2013.)) Anyway, here's one (I don't have the name; think I grew it from seed in a mix):

More yellow in St. John's Wort:

And in the low-growing sedums in this shot of the front bed:

Accompanied by blue brodiaea (or perhaps triteleia), some thyme in the back of the tall sedum, and a pink annual dianthus.

Let's abandon the rainbow and move on into the whites:

An early-blooming hosta
And clary sage, edging over into pink
And there's quite a lot of pink:

Spiraea japonica, having survived yet another transplant



Rose campion
I used to have a lot more of the last - it's probably been weeded out too severely.

Finally, the purple-blues (no one ever agrees on those colors):

Stokes' aster

The lavender's in my community garden plot - look how huge it's grown. It's one of a half dozen plants there, all of which I grew from seed. Not sure what I'll do with that much lavender, but it's nice to have, and brings all the bees.