Saturday, February 18, 2012

Oh say can you seed

I came home from this week's state Grow It Eat It meeting with a handful of seeds for our Year of Leafy Greens project, and got a chance to stick some of them in seed-starting mix this morning.  I need to spend a good part of the rest of the weekend organizing the remaining seed-starting (so far it's been seed-of-the-pants stuff, oh ha ha) so that I know what needs to go in when and who's going to do it.  Obviously my own garden's seeds get started here, and I'll probably end up doing most of the leafy greens and other early transplants here for convenience's sake, but soon enough I will run out of space, and I have other MGs who've volunteered to start things.  So, just have to figure out what, and get the seeds to them.

Here's what went in today (some of it YOLG-related, and some just what I had lying around):

Kale, Lacinato and Lark's Tongue.  The Lark's Tongue was my choice that I talked Jon T. into, not that I had to try hard.  It's from Southern Exposure (as are all the YOLG seeds) and was a variety saved by William Woys Weaver, and it sounds very cool-looking.  Lacinato (also called Dinosaur or Nero di Toscana) is beautiful stuff that I've been growing for a while - I was actually going to go for a new breeding experiment mix called Rainbow Lacinato, but hey, free seed.

Broccoli Raab Sorrento.  We should be able to get results in the spring, and I'll try it again in the fall and see if it produces longer.  It tends to bolt when the weather gets hot.

Collards Champion.  Can't have too many kinds of collards, hm?

Mustard, Red Giant and Southern Giant Curled.  GIANT MUSTARD.  I know the red mustard is gorgeous, and I look forward to the other one.  Of course, they may end up smothered under row cover... but hot stuff sometimes gets chewed on less, so we might manage to leave some of it out.

Celeriac Large Prague.  Celeriac did really well for us last year.  I do need to find a space that can be occupied all season, because it takes ages.  But mmm.

Hollyhock Summer Carnival.  This will bloom in the summer if started early.

Orach Magenta Magic.  This is the most incredible dark pink color.  It's a leafy "green" too, so goes with the theme.

Pak Choi, Purple and Da Cheong Chae.  Pak choi is one of my favorite things to grow.  These are meant to grow full-size, I think; I've been growing "baby-designated" varieties for the last few years, and I may harvest these ones early too, since that lessens some of the inevitable bug damage and besides they are so cute.  Ooh, I have a picture (from fall, obviously).  I'm really looking forward to the purple ones.

ETA: I now have sprouts on everything I planted before except for the eggplant (and the seeds that need stratifying).  Eggplant is probably not quite warm enough and so will germinate slowly.  Spinach is only just getting started but I'm sure it'll come along well.

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