Saturday, February 11, 2012

A green thought in a green seed

... not that most seeds are green at full maturity.  Seeds OF greens, mostly.

Record-keeping!  Here's what I got into the egg cartons today:

Kohlrabi 'Early Purple Vienna' and 'Azur Star'.  I love kohlrabi, and I haven't planted nearly enough of it in recent years.

Collards 'Green Glaze'.  These got rather flea-beetled last year, but they are so pretty I hate to stick them under row cover.  We'll see.

Komatsuna ("mustard spinach," whatever that means).  I have had this seed for several years and don't think I've had it come up from direct sowing, so starting inside seemed like the thing.

Kale 'Red Russian' and 'Nero di Toscana' - since I had the seed still.  There will be more kale.

Spinach 'Space' - starting inside is how I'm dealing with that April 3 first workday thing.

Roselle 'Thai Red Early' - this is the hibiscus that "Red Zinger" tea is made from.  I had one plant last year and now want lots more.  Beautiful.  Takes a while to get going and mature; last year it bloomed in September, I think.

All this stuff is for the demo garden; I am planning to direct sow my own spring greens, and we'll see how that works out.  Ha ha ha.

Pak choi and some other things in the next week or so.

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