Monday, June 9, 2014

The new opposite-the-blueberries bed, and other things

This is what I spent a good part of Sunday on:

The area to the left is where three raised beds of herbs used to be. Except for one large sage that's there in the back, I've moved everything that was still alive to the fruit garden area in the back. The blueberries (to the right) were hard to reach along the narrow stone path, so I got some more stones and widened it. Here's another view:

The orange flowers are coreopsis 'Creme Caramel.' In front are some Stokes's asters that I grew from seed and have now moved three times. It was not the right time to transplant them, but I think they'll survive, especially after last night's soaking rain. There are also some zinnias and a borage plant tucked in there, and golden thyme between the stones. I still have to edge the bed, mulch, and add some more plants, but I think it'll look nice and work much better in context.

Also should move the birdbath, because a) I never remember to fill it tucked away in there, and b) too many cat hiding places in the vicinity.

And the blueberries are ripening!

While I'm out there:

This is what the purple ninebark flowers turn into - little "fruits," I guess, that produce the seeds. Just overall a few attractive plant.

Also, have a very pink leaf on Mr. Kolomikta Kiwi:

And my 'Winterthur' viburnums are growing up and looking fine:

I'll try to document the progress of some other plants this week. Lovely time of year.

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