Sunday, June 15, 2014

June blooms

Here's a very quick Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day update. Quick because it's Father's Day and there are other things to do, and because June 15 is kind of a hole in my bloom schedule this year. Periodic accountings (and I try to record blooms more often than once a month) are useful to spot these.

This is some of what's blooming in my garden right now:

Clematis for which I lost the tag long ago. It could be 'Polish Spirit' or it could be something else. It's hanging on, but looks kind of ragged. The spot where I have a perfect trellis for climbing things is not perfect in any other way - too shaded, and one of the planting areas gets very little rain, even in the ridiculous storms we've been having. I've also got a Passiflora incarnata there, which will probably succeed far too well (it tends to eat the porch gutters), though I was almost sure it had died this winter. But it decided to be Junepop instead of Maypop this year, and is now coming back with a vengeance.

Cheerful ground-hugging sedum out by the mailbox.

Brodiaea 'Queen Fabiola' (or whatever it is now that the brodiaeas have been split up) is starting up.

Spiderwort being electric, luckily in a spot where nothing clashes with it.

A white astilbe in the gloom.

And my potatoes are blooming! I have them planted in our old claw-foot tub this year; oh, it's so deliciously trashy.

Lots of things are still behind schedule - haven't even got any daylilies yet. And many other things are done or not in their first flush any longer, so I really need to think June blooms when filling in spaces.

Enjoy your gardens!


  1. The best blooms are always last week and next week. Your purples are spectacular. Happy Bloom Day. I hope your family has a good Father's Day celebration.

  2. Hurray! You identified for me that ground-hugging sedum that I was going to send a picture of and ask you about! Thank you! I got some from a friend who was giving away perennials that were overgrown last fall, it edges the front corner of the Big Rock garden as we call it, made it through the winter will and is growing nicely. She also gave me the white iris and some, I think it is, hellebore.

    1. I can't ID the species of the sedum (not without some research) but it is a very useful ground cover.

  3. Love your white astilbe--mine aren't as happy here, though it's probably because I forget to water them enough:) I agree with Jean--it seems like I had more blooms last week, and the big show of daylilies and coneflowers is at least a week away. Mid-June is usually a lull for me, too. Happy Bloom Day!

    1. I've barely had to think about watering this year, we've had so much rain. I'm sure it'll stop at some point, and then it'll become a chore that must be remembered. Daylilies started coming out hours after I posted this! - but most will be at least another week.

  4. I love your blooming potatoes. The eggplant are blooming in mine. You are always welcome in my garden.