Saturday, June 21, 2014

Bloom update

And yes, a week later there are more blooms, and better photography, so I thought I'd share.

Stokes's aster, happily flowering after its recent transplantation.

Daylilies are blooming now. This is actually one of the orange ditch lilies; not sure what happened to the color. But it all works together in that quadrant, the orange of the daylilies and the coreopsis, the purple-blue of the asters (and sage, though that's done now) and the blueberries. I planted my hardy Opuntia cactus out in that bed too; we'll see how it does.

Astilbe closeup.

I still like the way the purple ninebark blooms age into seed.

Lilies! Yellow daylilies and purple and magenta spiderwort in the background.

Lily, in detail.

And the lettuce in the salad table. Between that and the community garden plot, I have so much lettuce it's not even funny. Need to deal with it all before it bolts, so it's probably time for lettuce soup or something. I'll write that up at GIEI if I make it.


  1. I am giving away lettuce. Feast or famine with the green stuff. And mine is in a salad table as well.

    1. I really do know better - but it's so tempting to plant lots of it in April when there's nothing fresh to eat out of the garden.

    2. Exactly. The need for green. But this year I chose some different varieties and they seem to be doing very well. So my non-gardening friends love me right now! "She comes bearing lettuce!"