Thursday, July 7, 2016

Boy, it's hot out there

So here are a few cool-looking flowers.

Nicotianas - reliable and nice-smelling if difficult to pronounce.

This must be Allium flavum, which I presumably planted.

My new sea holly (Eryngium).

This has turned out a spectacular mix of bachelor's buttons. Some are even blue.

White borage - very cool but difficult to germinate, and I frankly like the blue ones better.

This is a blue one, about to flower, with smoother-leaved elecampane behind it, and also in the frame sage, holy basil, chives, and horehound.

Interesting leaf combo - purple basil and bright green Jewels of Opar, which I'm looking forward to seeing flower.

Marigold in a different kind of pot!

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  1. Yes, summers are very hot in Asian countries. Thank you for sharing the cool pictures of beautiful flowers, which contains the cool english colors. This post had made my day