Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Color bursts in June

June, at least if you "design" like I do, is all about bursts of color in the garden. Here's the driveway side of the house currently:

with the magenta and purple spiderwort, and a bright yellow daylily echoing the fading foliage of the celandine poppies (which should not be there at all, but that's a project for later). There's also some white astilbe and a crazy wild black cohosh, not quite blooming yet, for which I am actually going to reorient the path, since we are whapping it aside every time we walk by.

There are also orange zinnias in front of the spiderwort:

which work surprisingly well.

It's cheating to include these for GBBD, since they are done blooming now, but I also had martagon lilies ('Russian Morning') over by that house wall a week ago:

So far those and the black cohosh are the only plants that have successfully survived total smotheration by bleeding heart hedge and then risen above it to bloom. I'm getting more of them!

Pretty nice combination (in a more subdued way) out by the mailbox too:

This is where lamb's ears are actually useful, and they work with the creeping sedum, the tall sedums in bud, and the bit of thyme in the top left.

There are brodiaeas out there too, and roses:

The 'Bonica' roses were spectacular in first bloom this year - dying back somewhat now, but completely covered not long ago.

A few of the other flowers in bloom right now:

Rose campion (used to have more of this! Where did it go?)

Stokes' aster

Orange daylily of the common type

Cool mix of bachelor's buttons (grew from seed, along with the zinnias)

Motherwort, in one of the wilder areas

And not my personal garden, but a few cool things from the demo garden yesterday:

Arugula flowers
Giant mullein we're letting grow in a fruit bed

Shallot flowers, as pretty as many ornamental alliums (although I should cut them off to enhance the root development)
Hope everyone has a colorful Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day!


  1. So glad you cheated and included those Martigon lilies: what a picture! Good enough to hang on the wall. Such characterful flowers.
    You have a great variety of summer plants.

    1. Yes, they are about the prettiest things I've grown this year! Flowers don't last long, though.

    2. Your orange zinnia is a showstopper. Thanks for sharing.

  2. We have many plants in common. Your verbascum is impressive. I was dow to one rose campion last summer but this year there is at least half a dozen. As you say they do vanish but they return.