Sunday, May 3, 2015

A few more flowers

Spring passes so quickly I feel I'd better keep track of it. That said, some daffodils are still blooming, along with lots of other stuff documented mid-to-late-April. But here are the new blooms on the block.

My pawpaw is blooming! These are remarkably difficult flowers to get a photo of (at least with an iPhone and not much patience) - I took this from underneath, since it's a downward-facing dog flower, and it's still too dark despite some color adjustment. The bloom doesn't mean I'll get fruit, since pawpaws aren't usually self-pollinating and the other tree I have is still little and not blooming yet. But it is a very cool thing to see.

Azalea close-up.

Packera aurea (formerly Senecio aureus), or golden ragwort, blooming up a storm. I'm going to move this around to all those places where I need things to spread in the sun.

Red buckeye (Aesculus pavia). So glad I planted this.

And this is the quince (fruiting) that I tried to kill because it always gets fireblight and never produces anything but these lovely flowers, but it came up again from the roots, so it is now a quince bush rather than a tree, and I am keeping it despite the disease (maybe one of these years we won't have the right conditions. Or I could spray it, but that's unlikely).

Okay, I went back and picked a pawpaw flower and took a photo to show the inside:

And a dozen ants ran out while I was doing it. They must be gathering nectar - not likely they'll help with pollination, but you never know. A lot of people hand-pollinate pawpaws, because the flies and beetles that are attracted to the faint but kind of unpleasant smell are not reliable. Anyway, cool flower!

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