Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Showing off the pepper seedlings

The Grow It Eat It blog really doesn't need me spamming about my seed-starting operations any more this year, so I thought I'd just post a photo of my huge and lovely peppers here instead.

They really want to go outside, but even hardening off is not going to start for another week or so. But aren't they pretty? I'd forgotten what it's like to have non-stunted peppers from which I am not constantly washing aphids. (Two years, two accidental introductions, long story. Nothing that goes outside comes back to my seed-starting room anymore, ever.)

Aside from a few things that just didn't take, indoor seed-starting has gone really well this year. If only outdoor sowings in this chilly spring were as speedy to take off. Don't think we are likely to get peas before the plants poop out from heat - March 17 sowing is about three inches tall now...

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  1. The Pink Celebration radishes you gave me and I planted several weeks ago in the salad table are finally sprouting! Given how cold it has been, all I can say is Bravo!