Saturday, May 10, 2014

Generally there are lots of May showers too

… which is why I'm doing this post now. This is the May Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day post, because I know I won't have time to do one later. I'll link it on the May Dreams Gardens post on Thursday morning, before getting on a plane. (Graduation, in Houston.)

So this is what I had blooming this morning, which might change by the end of the week, because that's how fast things are moving. Spring, what spring?

There are still some daffodils, though! These are the stunning Pheasant's Eye, and I am so glad I caught them blooming, because I suspect all this 80+ degree weather is going to do for them fast.

First bloom of the quietly stunning little Geranium maculatum (at least I'm pretty sure that's what it is; could be a cultivar of the species).

And ha, I see you hiding there, honesty (money plant, lunaria) - you will be all over the place in a week or two.

Lilacs are still going…

And so is the red buckeye.

And a few tulips have survived the deer and the heat. I think this is Tulipa batalinii 'Bronze Charm,' but it's been there a while so I don't remember.

This is Hyacinthoides hispanica, Spanish bluebells, if you can call a white one "bluebell." I do have them in blue too, and a few in pink. These ones were supposed to line a path that is no longer in existence, but they're still happily sitting there. I have others that are twenty years old.

Not many azaleas left on our half acre, but these ones in front of the house are still pumping out the flowers every year and don't seem to mind getting afternoon sun. They look particularly spectacular in the twilight and dawn hours, especially since we currently have bright green icicle lights hanging from the porch. It's kind of surreal, the combination. I do really need to prune these when they're finished blooming.

Oh look, there were some more daffodils.

Chives in bloom. I am in the process of moving three square raised beds' worth of herbs. Among about twenty other urgent gardening tasks.

This is one of the many areas where I have too many Stylophorum diphyllum (wood poppy or celandine poppy, whichever the nicer one is, though it is nice in the way that means it takes over every bed it's in, in a very attractive but still obnoxious way). Need to do some thinning.

Bridal-wreath spirea. Always very charming if a bit Miss Havisham.

And this isn't very flowery, but I like the (totally accidental) combination of the Japanese painted fern and the sweet woodruff (with a few incidental lily of the valley, which otherwise prefer to come up in the path).


  1. Love visiting gardens that are a bit more advanced. Yours is a beauty. I can't wait for our lilacs.

  2. Our lilacs here in upstate New York are opening just in time for GBBD. And your blog reminded me - I forgot to see if my hardy geranium were blooming. Darn!

  3. just Lovely :)
    and do not miss


    it is FUN :)
    The Roseman