Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Well, finally...

I know that in 2012 (which was the Year Without A Winter) this patch of crocuses was blooming by February 15; for last year I have no record, but I feel sure it was a bit earlier. I went looking for these over the weekend, and they hadn't appeared then. So, hurray. They may get snowed on yet (not tonight; despite a temperature drop of at least 40 degrees F. and possibly more overnight, we are only expecting rain) but at least we can now be confident any snowfall won't last long.

Snowdrops have been blooming since December, but they are supposed to peek charmingly out of the snow, so no big deal there. I'm not sure what happens to them when repeatedly whomped by snowfalls in the 6-16 inch range, but they look fine now.


  1. So jealous! But I've been out looking for the few crocuses near the kitchen door, waiting for the snow near the house to melt, and show me the leaves at least. I planted a bunch of crocus bulbs over in the big rock garden across the drive, but they are still under 6 inches of white concrete.

  2. How delightful - the color is amazing.