Saturday, March 15, 2014

Bloom Day March, or where is spring?

I'd really hoped to have more for Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day, but at least I'm glad there's an amaryllis bridge between inside and outside blooms.

That's the last of them, but I really have had amaryllis blooming most of the winter. The very long winter, even here in Maryland. We're getting more snow tomorrow night.

Outside, spring is on hold, though I do have the crocuses I posted about the other day and bunches of snowdrops:

That's it, though - not even any other crocuses beyond that one patch. At least I can see lots of the bulbs I planted in the fall poking leaves above ground, and some daffodils in very protected spots forming buds.

Most of the color in my garden right now looks like this:

Gotta get out there with a trash bag after the next snow melts. Long winter with lots of wind blowing things in.

Definitely going to be checking in on the bloggers in warmer climes today! But first, we're off to pick up some manure for the veggie garden, hurray.


  1. It's been a long winter for you and me (upstate New York) both. We have nothing blooming outdoors yet; our snow is melting off though. We were luckier than many from the last storm on Wednesday, but there is more snow in the forecast. Hope spring comes for both of us soon.

  2. Oh dear, I am sorry to hear that you have so few flowers in bloom. Lovely Galanthus elwesii though. Spring can't be far away.

  3. What would we do without our snowdrops? Wonderful little blossoms and they do give us hope that winter is on its way out the door.

  4. It's been a long winter here, too, and I haven't seen a sign of my snowdrops or crocuses yet. Happy Bloom Day, and here's hoping spring is on its way soon!

  5. This last Amaryllis is a beauty. Spring is on the way. I found Amaryllis buds in the garden today.

  6. We'll send you spring as soon as we're done with it, haha!

    (I can't stand it when other people's trash lands in my yard! Yuck!)

  7. Chives showing tiny green points in the herb planter. That's it here in NH. I hear that the maple syrup is running, though! And only about 5 inches of snow (appears to be devolving into what we call corn snow, which is like crushed ice, from the repeated warming and freezing in March) left on the lawn.

  8. Hi Erica, Thank you for visiting my blog! I'm hoping that winter and the cold and snow will soon be behind you. I'm glad you have your faithful snowdrops to ease you in to spring. I thought the photos of snow in your post today were beautiful, but I can understand that you are a bit tired of it. Wishing you a beautiful spring soon!