Thursday, October 3, 2013


Well, I would say that postings had been discontinued due to the government shutdown, but that would be silly. I am just clearly not meant to post every day.

It isn't because of lack of gardening stuff happening; it's probably because too much gardening stuff is happening, but nothing I'm willing to organize. So - have two photos. First, the Jerusalem artichokes in bloom at the demo garden:

where I'm going to be all freaking day Saturday, pretty much constantly talking to people, which is always great fun but exhausting even to contemplate. Looks like it'll be on the warm side, too, after all this lovely cool weather.

And then:

That's what the purple sweet potatoes are trending toward for length, and I hadn't even dug that one up completely yet. For once, I have given you an object for context, too! Go me.

I'll try to post tomorrow, but if I do so on Saturday it'll be a surprise. Pleasant, I hope.

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