Thursday, September 26, 2013

The photo that should have accompanied yesterday's post

Because this is how you get sweet potato greens home from the garden.

I was thinking of posting a photo of the sweet potato latkes and titling it "Things Fall Apart" because they did kinda, but I guess I'll save that for Grow It Eat It. I actually bothered to look up curing sweet potatoes today (I always want to eat them right away, but I do recognize that in general they are better if cured) and frankly there is no way I'm putting a space heater on in the bathroom for ten days without stopping, and it's just not warm enough outside, so they are sitting on the hot water heater now and taking their chances. I'm not sure whether purple sweet potatoes want to develop their sugars, or, not to be anthropomorphic, whether I want them to, but I suppose it won't hurt to sample them at different stages. The latkes were certainly not lacking flavor, but as I've noted before, the flavor isn't what you expect from a sweet potato. But I'm not going to let lack of proper curing stop me from eating them.

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