Saturday, September 28, 2013

Snake in lieu of content

Missed another day. Clearly I just don't have something to say about gardening every day, or more likely just don't think of blogging.

I already posted this on GIEI, but have a snake I dug up in my community garden plot:

I believe it's an Eastern worm snake.

It startled me slightly, but I did not scream; I think I said "Hey, you're a snake."


  1. Never heard of a worm snake before. Are they like our run of the mill garter snakes? We tell people not to kill them because they eat rats and such. (Loving the blog every day in my mailbox!)

    1. Oops, meant to put the Wikipedia link in:

      I found it by searching "soil snake Maryland" because it was definitely doing its stuff underground until I disturbed it. They eat earthworms (alas) and insect larvae.

      And glad you're enjoying reading everyday! I'll have to come up with more to say. :)