Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The South is another country

This is part of the back yard of the house we stayed in last week at Folly Beach, SC.  I mean, really.

We did a garden tour in Charleston, as well, at which I was not allowed to take pictures (state law, apparently), so I can only tell you that classy city gardens do not generally contain palmettoes, though mine would if I lived there.  They do contain entire brick walls covered with creeping fig (which I don't think is hardy here), and camellias that were mostly past blooming since spring is weird to the south as well, and lots of boxwood and yew, and rosemary (everyone has rosemary hedges.  I am so jealous) but not a lot of edible plants otherwise, though one place had a small vegetable garden with tomatoes already almost two feet high, and citrus trees they merely have to cover in the winter.

And then there were all the plants whose identity I was clueless about.  I love traveling because I see new things, including plants, and I hate traveling because it makes me feel ignorant, but at least I learn stuff.  Mostly not stuff that is useful for gardening here, of course.

More photos will be posted when I get them off my son's hard drive, but he is intensely thespian this week so it will be a while.


  1. "intensely thespian"! Love it!

    What kind of state would have a law forbidding you from taking photos in a garden? Hmph!

    1. It's no photos on private property without written permission from owner, which does make sense if a bit strict. As far as the above photo goes, I am assuming someone who rents you their house doesn't mind photos being taken. Hope I'm right about that.