Monday, April 23, 2012


All day yesterday and all day today, although amounting to only about an inch total.  But that is enough to be going on with.

I don't think I've ever felt so desperate for rain in April before.   What a strange year.  And temperatures tonight will be well down in the 30s, although probably not freezing.  I'm waiting for the mid-May frost...


  1. 1.89 inches here. And chilly. Put house plants out in the rain for a shower, then had to bring them back in this morning, they kept blowing over! And probably too cool tonight for most of them. Now the grass will really grow, and the leaves are out on the trees. Early, early.

  2. Got a total of 3.7 inches here. Most of it, of course, running off into the storm drains. I am thinking of these:

  3. We have no gutters on our house, so we would need to add them, I believe, to use rain barrels. Not putting them on the back of the house, because then Ben would have an excuse to get up on the roof! But I suppose we could put them on the front.