Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Other stuff I write

Until I get down to serious seed-shopping and starting, my winter posts might be a bit sporadic here, so in the chance you're dying to read more of my writing, here's where it's at.

I've been writing book reviews for Washington Gardener Magazine for over a year now - and if you live in the DC area and like gardening, please do subscribe!  I write for and administer the Grow It Eat It blog (link in sidebar).  At some point I plan to pull together some articles to submit to various gardening magazines; this blog helps me try out ideas.  But nothing in that line yet; I'll be sure to let you know.

I have an account at Archive of Our Own, a fanfiction site run by the Organization for Transformative Works, and yes, that is a real thing, and yes, I do write fanfic, when the occasion occasionally presents.  It is possible that some of my readers here will enjoy my piece "In Defense of Food," which is a loving parody of Michael Pollan and the local/heirloom food movement wrapped in the delicious trappings of C.S. Lewis's "Screwtape Proposes a Toast" (the appendix to The Screwtape Letters).  If the idea of devils chewing on locally-produced, compost-nurtured souls calls to you, you are probably as odd as I am, but at least you can indulge your craving.

Most of my fanfic is written in Lois McMaster Bujold's Vorkosigan Saga universe, so if I've surprised any Bujold fans here, jump in.  It's not all about gardening, of course, but I put together an essay that's turned out to be pretty popular (linked in a festschrift and an academic paper as well as read a fair amount), titled "Runaway Roses and Defiant Skellytums: Thoughts on plants, gardens, horticulture and botany in the Vorkosigan novels of Lois McMaster Bujold" which can be found here, and just recently wrote what manages to be a story about garden design that appeals to a science fiction-reading audience, "The Emperor's Garden."  I note that both of these contain spoilers for major plot points, so if you have started the series but not finished it, or think you'd like to read it someday unspoiled, take heed.  If you haven't read the books but think you can cope with confusion and destruction of innocence just to enjoy my prose, be my guest, and I'm honored.

There.  That was a little different than the usual garden blog fare.  Welcome to the blending of my universes.  *takes big panicked gulp before pressing "post"*

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  1. It's always a little scary to blend the universes. So cool though to learn about your other interests! :)