Friday, January 6, 2012


I really have to stop the thing where I get an email about something I've neglected to follow through on, have an "O guilt!" moment, and delete it unread.  (Mass emails, I mean; I don't do that to individuals.  Often.)

Project Budburst is one of those guilt-inducers; I mean, not only did I stop acting as a citizen science recorder after one year, I cut down the tree I was noting phenophases for.  (It was a box elder, growing in an inconvenient place.)  I doubt I'll participate this year either, but it's really a worthwhile project, so I am pointing it out to anyone who'd like to get involved.  All you have to do is pick a plant from their list, note when it buds and leafs and so forth, and send them the data.  Enough data collected from enough places, and trends start to emerge.  (Really weird trends this year, I'll bet.)

*dusts hands with satisfaction at having done a small part of civic duty*

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