Monday, May 15, 2017

More confused weather, but plenty of May flowers

Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day again! Here's some of what's blooming around my garden this month.

Mock orange. I used to associate this with June; no more.

Sage and rue

Golden alexanders

Purple ninebark

'Bonica' shrub rose

Dianthus 'Rainbow Loveliness.' Grew this from seed last year.
Red buckeye

Peony closeup, unfurling

Valerian, with alliums

More sage, with the Micromesh-covered blueberries behind. Birds will not get them all this year!

Spiderwort starting to open

Type of enormous Jack-in-the-pulpit, probably have a note of species somewhere

Just wanted to note hellebores are still chugging along

Siberian iris, getting ready to take over the world
I have been planting many small seedlings that I grew in the cold frame, so hopefully there will be flowers to report in the coming months as well. This has been a roller-coaster season: warm February, cold March, warm April, cold May - so far, but we've emerged from chilly and wet for a few days before summer arrives on Wednesday with temps in the 90s. Makes it very hard to get the tomatoes in at the right time, not to mention everything else! But we have to get used to this.

One more photo, dating from April 23:

It's not a well-framed shot, but it does show the success of my tulips in the new blueberry bed, with the bridal-wreath spiraea behind - looked spectacular together as we drove in the driveway, and I didn't even plan it that way! The tulip success is due 100% to Milorganite, since the deer changed their browsing habits during the months between my ordering the bulbs and planting them, and were definitely chomping (despite Liquid Fence) this spring until I scattered the smelly thing they really don't like.

More soon; I have catching-up to do here.


  1. I guess from your reference to eggplant you must be in the States. In England I could never expect Mock orange to be out before mid June. Lucky you.

    1. Yes, I'm in Maryland. When we moved here almost 30 years ago the mock orange bloomed in June; now it's out in the second week of May. Climate change...

  2. That is the prettiest Dianthus I have ever seen!
    Happy Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day!

    1. Isn't it gorgeous? It's a mix with shades of pink too.

  3. What a lovely and special flowers you have in your garden.
    A feast to my eyes.
    Have a wonderful day.