Sunday, May 8, 2016

Flowers for Mother's Day

Things that are blooming right now:

Mock orange

Golden alexanders


Last of the daffodils - a poeticus
Pansies (with lettuce in planter)

Honesty (lunaria)

Bleeding hearts still going strong
Cranberrybush viburnum just about to bloom

Scattered petals of:

glorious red buckeye
The thing that is no longer Allium bulgaricum
This is an Allium - about to burst forth
Dianthus that came back from last year despite being an annual

Clematis that likes to crawl on the ground near the mailbox

Sweet woodruff and celandine poppy

Lily of the valley
Bridal wreath spirea with nandina
Recording these in case they're gone by the fifteenth! Sunny today after a week and a half of rain - I wish I could have done more outside but my shoulder is very painful (hope this will pass). Got a few more plants in the ground though. Things are coming along...

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  1. Mothers are irreplaceable figures in our lives, we should'nt just cherish them one day but every day throughout our life time. But thanks for posting such a pleasant post.