Saturday, November 14, 2015

Flowers still hanging on!

I thought I might not be able to post for Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day this month, but in fact here I am. After the frost in October, we've had ups and downs in temperature, but on the whole it's been warmer than usual, so while most of the leaves have colored up and fallen off, some of the flowers that formed last month are still around. Here's what I found in a quick stroll around the yard:

Tropical milkweed
Pineapple sage
All tender plants, hanging on in a sheltered bed in the windy front yard. These floral displays would be pitiful in midsummer, but in November it's great to see those bright colors. I can also see some bright pink cosmos in my neighbor's vegetable garden from the back porch - cheery!

This is my 'Mohawk' viburnum which has decided for reasons known to itself to throw out a flower half a year out of season. *grins at it*

The 'Winterthur' viburnums in the back have nice shiny red leaves. They have grown a lot this year, and are looking like real shrubs rather than branched sticks. I'm looking forward to a red hedge in years to come.

And I have to laugh at the pawpaw tree with most of its huge leaves fallen off, clutching on to a few like it's reluctant to drop its underwear or something. They'll all be gone in a few days.

I hope all of you have flowers or bright leaves to enjoy in mid-November!


  1. Nice to see you still have some blooms in your garden. We've had enough frosty days here that everything has given up for the winter. Love the tropical milkweed; I'm keeping my fingers crossed that mine might return next year.

    1. I saved seeds from mine, so at least I can replant if none comes back.

  2. Those 'shiny red leaves' are as pretty as flowers!
    Happy Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day!

    1. Same to you - and I'm very fond of red leaves.

  3. I love finding bits of color when the weather has gone south for the winter!