Monday, December 15, 2014

Mid-December update

No flowers to share for GBBD this month (though we do have shockingly-colored shiny balls in the magnolia branches) but it is the time to start going through the seed catalogs that are quickly accumulating, and this year instead of putting lots of sticky notes on the pages I'm trying out a preliminary wishlist on my Pinterest page, with links to seed company web pages; I've been through three catalogs so far. (Note: I got the Pinterest account as a place to stash images related to my novels, and am not entirely caught up on doing that, but the "Gardening" board that should have lots of stuff in it has practically nothing. Someday it will, but I think I function better as a collector in specific categories than as a general noter-of-cool-things.)

You may note that there are about twenty zillion kinds of radishes listed there. I'm not going to grow them all (even though I have two gardens to work with) but I've been enjoying colorful radishes and finding them delicious roasted, and would like to expand my repertoire a bit. And the idea of the wishlist is to get all the possibilities down in one place.

Other things to do, aside from look through more catalogs, and take inventory of the seeds I already have:

  • Soil test for the community garden plot (probably should do one for the oh-so-pathetic fruit garden too)
  • Finish cleaning up the fruit garden area, which got very weedy this summer
  • Decide, with some nod to reality, how much I can actually do with the weed- and black raspberry-choked back part of that fenced area
  • And ditto, with the rest of the "way back"
Of course, a lot of that depends on weather, but we usually have some decent non-snowy periods to work outside in. We'll see.

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