Sunday, January 26, 2014

Amaryllis update plus snow and seeds

I didn't do GBBD this month because it would have been exactly the same as last month's, but that does mean my amaryllis is still blooming!

Exotic Star is definitely a winner - I believe it's had eight flowers so far this season.

My green amaryllis will be blooming soon, more modestly; it's mostly been engaged in growing a flowering stem that is at this point, I kid you not, 26 inches long. And the third one has finally started growing, with a far shorter stem and a flower bud. It's nice to have flowers over a long period of time, anyway.

Aside from that, I did get some time for mulching and such in the community garden on MLK Day, when it was 50 degrees F. A couple of days later the temperature plunged and it snowed:

and the snow is still there because it's not even reached freezing again, mostly hovering just north of zero. Again. I went outside this morning into 18F and thought that was pleasantly warm! But it is a good time to plan, and to sort the seeds (I was brave and threw a bunch out) and to get some more at seed swaps, like Washington Gardener's event yesterday. Got lots of great stuff brought by fellow seed lovers and donated by companies, sometimes for understandable reasons:

I'm hoping it will grow lettuce instead of tomatoes.

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