Friday, November 15, 2013

Garden Bloggers' Where-Have-All-The-Flowers-Gone Day

This is all I got.

I think there are still some calendulas blooming at my community garden plot, but it was too much effort to go over there especially since we've been alerted to a huge soccer tournament with buses parked in our usual spots. (Perils of gardening in the largest youth soccerplex on the East Coast.) We've had a few days of really serious well-below-freezing weather here in Maryland, and that does it for most of the flowers, though the yellow chrysanthemum that accompanies this one (I don't have names for either. I get all my mums handed down from other people. I guess they're stepmums) still has some blooms in serious need of deadheading (if I ever got around to that). And probably there are a few roses hanging on too.

But mostly, we're done. (I have three amaryllis chilling in the library. With the lead pipe and the candlestick.)


  1. It was Colonel Mustard. Nice flowers! My poor amaryllis is still out on the front porch, I should put it in a dark place.

    1. *grin* And yes, get those amaryllis inside! I'm aiming for having blooms on mine while it's still winter.

  2. I've never been able to find a place to put my amaryllis that my father started from seed years ago to rest. I finally decided that behind the door of the upstairs half-bath would have to be it, they are quite dark and there is no heat in there directly. We'll see.