Monday, November 14, 2011

Blooms in the waning sunlight

My first Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day on this new blog!  And it's... November.  Hm.

Well, let's see what we've got.  More than expected, really.  Including... snowdrops.

Okay, guys, whenever you want to bloom is fine with me.  Just some of you try to wait until February, hm?

I'm always impressed by how long into the fall roses keep blooming.  I am not really a rose person; I caved and bought my first Knockout this year (the yellow one, which is not blooming at the moment), because I've reached the point in my life where I can declare that easy-care roses are all I'm going to manage.  This is one of the last blooms from my Bonica shrub roses, which are very reliable, though even they got some blackspot this year.  But it was an awful year.

Abelia is another reliable bloomer well into the fall.  If there were any bees about today (it was 65 degrees, so there might just have been), they would be visiting.

I think this combination is working (abelia, osmanthus 'Goshiki', and a euphorbia someone passed on to me).  With fallen leaves and miscellaneous dead sticks I probably should have removed before photographing.

A few more tattered flowers:  Japanese anemone, one last gasp...

... and rue, in the herb bed.

A couple of things that are not flowers, or not anymore:  spent goldenrod, with red maple in background...

(oh my, I am going to have a lot of goldenrod plants to thin out next year)
Viburnum 'Mohawk' leaves, turning colors.

Happy November blooms!  We'll see if I have anything in December...

(GBBD is actually tomorrow, but I'm posting now in case anything awful happens to my computer while calibrating my new battery.  I'll link in when Carol's post at May Dreams Gardens goes up.)


  1. Love the snowdrops, the rose and my very favourite is the Japanese anemone.
    Happy GBBD :)

  2. I too think the picture with the snowdrops is the best one. Rosa bonica is a very mutable rose, I've ordered it bare root this year, I'll see it with my eyes. It looks great though, doesn't it?

    Oh! Rue... I love its strange smell... I must plant some next year!


  3. aloha,

    beautiful blooms, love the last bloom of your anenome, its very sweet :)

  4. Snowdrops with an agenda of their own, eh? We had pear trees blooming here a couple of weeks ago, way out of season. Hope they all make it through the winter. The maple looks amazing, and that pink rose is really lovely.

  5. I like the picture of the Viburnum leaves best. So many different colors, all in unexpectedly pastel tints.

  6. Leaves of the 'Mohawk' viburnum are stunningly beautiful, a worthy tribute to Indian summer perhaps. If you have deer browsing regularly, do they chow down on the 'Mohawk'?

  7. Thanks - I was really struck by how fast the viburnum had turned, and by now it's more yellow all over.

    I don't have huge deer pressure; they do pass through the front yard where the viburnum grows, but I've never noticed much damage.

  8. That foliage combo with the purple Euphorbia is just it!

  9. Thanks - was a complete accident, of course. :)