Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Update on the planting project

I looked down the back hill this morning and... gasp... couldn't see the little deodar cedar.  Went down to check: it had been pulled completely out of its planting hole (the root ball, alas, is still pretty solidly in pot shape).  I would say it had blown over, but it was several feet away from the hole.  Since I don't like to suspect human intervention, my best guess is that a deer tried browsing on it, and pulled too hard - probably was very surprised, too.  I replanted it, put in some stakes and tied it on, and gave it a very deep drink of water (it's raining on and off now, so that will help).  We will build a fence around it this weekend, I guess.

Most of the daffodils are in now - not one of my stellar planting jobs, but you try achieving proper depth and attractive spacing while standing on slithery mulch on a slope digging into soil full of roots and stones.  I expect they'll do fine.  Not sure about me.  Ow.


  1. Isn't planting on a slope so much fun! Mine has a large and very thorny rose bush to catch me if I slip.