Monday, April 29, 2019

Blooms from long-sterile earth

Hey! I'm going to make a try to revive this blog that I haven't posted in for, yikes, a year and a half. Hopefully there is still someone out there to read it. For today, have some of what's flowering on my half-acre this beautiful spring.

One of the last daffodils
Tulips are blooming this year, not being chomped
Put in some new alliums out back
Unsuccessful brassicas at least have flowers for the bees

Rhubarb. I'm supposed to cut these flowers off, but they're magnificent

Carolina allspice
Red buckeye with golden ragwort
On the northeast side of the house, with Siberian kiwi and my son Nick's artwork
Closeup of kiwi flowers
You can visit Nick's website for more information - DC area residents can commission outdoor paintings and all other works ship.

I'll try to post soon about what's new in my gardening world. Happy spring!

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